LetterQuick uses a credit system. After creating your account, you will be asked to purchase LetterQuick Credits. You will then be able to exchange these credits for the products and services listed below, much like tokens at an arcade.

$0.25 USD = 1 credit
(minimum purchase: $5.00 USD, 20 credits)


3 Credits ($0.75). We will walk you through the process of typing your letter and sending it to the appropriate location based on your recipient’s facility and housing assignment. Letters can be up to 15,000 characters in length. We will automatically add page numbers to your letter, date it, and ensure each page is labeled with your recipient’s name. It will be printed and sent to your recipient through the fastest delivery method available at the prison you are writing to (see How it Works). If your letter must be mailed through the US Postal Service, we will cover the cost of your envelope and postage.

4″ x 6″ Pictures

1 credit ($0.25) per picture + a 6 credit ($1.50) S&H fee per order. Upload color pictures through LetterQuick and we will print them on high quality 4″ x 6″ photo paper. Pictures to all prisons are mailed to inmates through the US Postal Service. Your recipient’s name and CDCR # will be printed on each picture as required by many prisons.

Prepaid Envelopes (Pack of 10)

32 Credits ($8.00). We will send a pack of 10 ready-to-use prepaid envelopes (size #9) to your recipient. They will be embossed with USPS Forever postage (printed directly onto the envelopes as preferred by many prisons). This postage will always be equal to the value of the First-Class Mail one-ounce rate. Since peel-and-stick envelopes are not allowed at many prisons, we only send the water-activated gum variety.

Prepaid Postcards (Pack of 10)

24 credits ($6.00). Send your recipient a package of 10 prepaid postcards (4″ x 6″). These postcards are embossed with USPS Forever Stamps, so that additional postage will not be necessary in the event of a postage rate increase. Postcards are an inexpensive and fast way for your recipient to reply to your letters.